Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Horoscopes - Jeanette Winterson's website

I currently write monthly horoscopes on the writer Jeanette Winterson's very large and impressive official website - if you'd like to read them, please press  Previous readers of my blog, many of whom are very literary people, might enjoy the poetry I've included for each sign, alongside the horoscopes!  (Even if you're not so keen on horoscope columns in general!)

Jeanette has a fascinating site, with all sorts of jewels on it, if you're interested in her work - to get to her site in general click http://www. 

I used to write numerous horoscope columns, including for big magazines like Cosmopolitan, TV Times and Woman's Own.  

Nowadays, writing for Jeanette's site, I can choose 12 poems each month - by poets of the relevant starsigns, to go with each sign's horoscope.  This is a very novel and absolutely huge pleasure for me!  Hope you like your poems!

New direction for blog

I have taken down the bulk of my blog entries, which were primarily info about several generations of my family - intended for eventual publication as a book.  I am now writing the book and may resume the family blog at a later stage. 

Due to some incomprehensible techno-bug, I have had endless trouble getting onto the blog, most of the time, for many months now - which has been offputting! If I can ever get onto the blog again, I may take it in a different direction - perhaps talking about my work as an astrologer/psychic. 

I've left people's comments up on the blog, although not the bulk of what I wrote in the entries, as everyone was very kind to  comment at the time, and might want to have another look (sorry if this is baffling to some,  because my original entries aren't there now - just the titles). 

I've left the Daphne du Maurier piece/my account of a very accurate medium - the most recent entry - still up on the blog.  This is because I want to give credit where it's very much due to all who work in that very difficult and often nebulous field of proving survival after death by tuning into people's relatives (it's not my personal branch of psychic work, although I do use intuition very strongly in order to give people personal readings on the telephone.  My own work is described/explained on my website: